Strategic Communications

Land Use Strategies’ views strategic communications as controlling the message and controlling it early. There are many facets to controlling the message, from defining what the project is, to the project need, to determining the most appropriate mediums to communicate that message.

Our team works collaboratively with client teams in developing straightforward, persuasive messaging campaigns to inform, educate and mobilize community members, stakeholders, and key decision-makers. 


Land Use Strategies has years of experience developing polls to test messaging and sentiment around development projects for clients. Polls are effective in particular for projects facing significant controversy or opposition. However, every poll provides insight into the community, the political environment, the development proposal, and the company’s branding and reputation. Polls can either reinforce or alter the messaging around a project to create the most effective persuasion. Our team works with several professional polling firms throughout the country.  

Digital Campaigns

Whether it’s elected officials or neighbors to your project, people are now predisposed to search online for information about your development project or issue. It’s therefore critical to have an online presence. Our digital campaigns are designed specific to your project’s online needs. We gear our campaigns to educate-persuade-mobilize your targeted audience.

project WEBSITE DESIGN and development

Land Use Strategies’ website design and development services are tailored to your needs and budget—from informative landing pages to full-scale websites. Features include customized forms, photo and video galleries, social network integration, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and persuasive online petitions that target your project’s key decision-makers. Our websites are fully optimized for mobile viewing.


Land Use Strategies offers graphic design services for your development project’s print and digital needs. We design and lay out printed marketing materials, delivering print-ready files. Available graphic design services include custom logo work, digital graphics, brochures and fliers, customized Powerpoint presentations, and social media banners. 



Land Use Strategies specializes in creating effective social media campaigns built around your project or issue. Whereas the website provides the key information and details about your project, social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram directly engages and builds credibility with your targeted audience. Social media allows the opportunity to control the messaging around your project and to respond immediately to false information, questions or concerns that arise throughout any campaign.

Digital campaigns also most importantly identify and build a list of supporters that can be engaged during critical times such as key community and public hearings. We use a combination of “organic” and paid advertising to reach potential and identified supporters. The digital advertisements are reflective of the imagery and language of the website and other campaign materials, and utilize both still imagery and video.


Land Use Strategies integrates a targeted email campaign as another layer in supporter engagement. Email campaigns are effective, personable and persuadable means of communicating directly with supporters, stakeholders, and key influencers.


Community Engagement

In today’s environment, building a strong coalition of community members, stakeholders and influencers is critical to almost every land use project. Land Use Strategies designs and implements strategic community engagement plans at the grassroots level.

A community engagement plan includes anything from door-to-door outreach, petition gathering, hosting meetings, to filling a public hearing with supporters and speakers.

direct mail

Land Use Strategies develops strategic mail programs targeting specific audiences. Direct mail is an efficient and effective way to communicate with a broad universe of potential and existing supporters. Each piece reinforces your company and project’s branding, messaging, and look. Direct mail complements the digital and community engagement efforts.

support materials

Different projects require different means of communicating with neighbors and stakeholders. Our team designs and produces advocacy materials such as fliers, yard signs, window signs, stickers, and shirts.

Government Relations

With over 30-years of political campaign and legislative experience, Land Use Strategies has the experience to navigate any political environment. Our team works with clients in dealing with key decision-makers at the local, county, state and federal levels of government.

Opposition Research

Land Use Strategies is committed to giving our clients a competitive edge. Our investigative approach provides insights and strategies for clients to protect their marketshare or to break into new markets. We also research potential or existing community opponents to better understand their concerns or issues.

Site Selection

Real estate development and leasing costs throughout the U.S. are at an all time high, so choosing the right site location is critical. At Land Use Strategies, we work with clients looking to open their first business, to more established clients looking to expand. Our team leverages its relationships with property owners, brokers, and lenders, along with its knowledge of the marketplace to provide our clients with the strategic advice and tools they need to make the most successful business decisions.


We look forward to working with you on your next development project.

  • Income and Population Demographics

  • Site Mapping

  • Match Corporate Goals to Target Markets

  • Outparcel / Pad Site Locating at High Traffic Shopping Centers

  • Retail Market Analysis

Video & Photography


There is no better way to connect your development project with people than through compelling and engaging video and photography! Development proposals often intimidate people because they cannot visualize how it will incorporate into their neighborhood and community. Further, people feel detached from a proposal because there isn’t a ‘face’ to the project. That is why at Land Use Strategies we advise our clients to incorporate video and professional photography into marketing their proposals or properties. Drone video is an especially captivating tool that provides a unique perspective to the project site and the surrounding area. We also use video interviews of supporters, stakeholders, and decision makers to help personalize projects. We utilize all of these with our clients websites, social media and outreach materials.