Land Use Strategies is experienced in assisting clients dealing with community and regulatory issues with their wind, solar, and pipeline projects. Our team has connected clients to key decision-makers at the state and federal levels, providing them the opportunity to build relationships and educate these influencers about their project’s objectives and benefits.

Jesse has excellent political skills and sense to help navigate through challenging issues
— Thomas Zoeller, Senior Advisor and Acting General Counsel, U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board


Land Use Strategies understands the competitive gas station and convenience store industry. We have assisted clients in creating successful strategic community and political engagement campaigns to combat NIMBY and environmental groups efforts to stop new stores. Our experience in dealing with complex environmental regulations is instrumental in generating simple, straightforward messaging to counter false and misleading information.

As soon as I get the first sign of public opposition, I call Land Use Strategies!
— Greg May, President, Utility Management Group