Land Use Strategies understands the challenges of building public support for landfill expansions and contract extensions, but we’ve successfully helped clients with both. Our team has engaged in citywide grassroots and advocacy campaigns (yes – we’ve collected signatures atop the landfill itself), educating communities on the complexities and environmental stewardship that operators must go through in today’s world. We have experience with landfill expansions, recycling and composting centers, and medical and biohazardous disposal facilities.

Land Use Strategies offered an understanding of both the municipal environment as well as the regional solid waste landscape. They were able to provide the insight and objective input we needed to develop an effective strategy. LUS was my go-to resource as we worked our plan, and they helped us make the adjustments necessary in a dynamic process. I came to rely on their ability to quickly assess new and changing inputs, ask the right questions and assist me in making critical decisions.
— Charissa McAfee, Partner, Sloane Vasquez McAfee, Inc.
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